Sunday, May 27, 2012

Changdeok Palace


This is certainly a MUST if you visit Seoul.

Changdeok Palace is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and I would agree. If you are interested in UNESCO and sites in Eastern Asia please visit UNESCO's site.

"In the early 15th century, the King Taejong ordered the construction of a new palace at an auspicious site. A Bureau of Palace Construction was set up to create the complex, consisting of a number of official and residential buildings set in a garden that was cleverly adapted to the uneven topography of the 58-ha site. The result is an exceptional example of Far Eastern palace architecture and design, blending harmoniously with the surrounding landscape."

We arrived at 8 am in the morning and the area was deserted - Changdeok Palace did not open until 9 am - this gave me the opportunity to wander around it, I did not mind waiting. Changdeok Palace complex is bigger than I had imagined and I could not give it the respect that it deserves in one single post, so I will separate them individually.

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