Friday, March 16, 2012

Seoraksan National Park and the Great Unification Buddah

We drove up the mountains and then arrived at Seoraksan National Park – and were greeted a bear and a lot of snow.  We followed our group to a lift that took us slowly up a mountain to a viewpoint that was WHITE – we could not see a thing!

I left the family and took a trip along the track and could not progress more than 100 metres – I could not see anything but white… We chose to return to the ground and progress further into the Park. We found a snowman and Jemma threw snowballs at two lovely girls who were part of our group.

We soon arrived at Sinheungsa – the Great Unification Buddha – 14.6 meters high and 108 tom gilt-bronze statue.

The Great Unification Buddha reflects the wish for the reunification of the divided country of Korea… rice and roofing tiles could be purchased and donated to the upkeep.

As we walked through the park we found ourselves almost alone – the park was silent but beautiful.  I was reminded of Korean movies where there was a martial arts training in the mountains and the buildings were ornate and very carefully constructed – beautiful.

The surroundings were covered in snow and the bridges made it very picturesque.

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