Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nami Island

A late flight on the 9th of March and we arrived early in the morning on Saturday the 10th.  This meant that the first place that we visited was Nami Island.

Nami Island was named after General Nami – a notable figure in Korean history who died at the age of 26 but fought courageously, but I found very little information which was consistent about this figure...

Nami Island was an island that was reached by a ferry.  The island had a number of places to visit and was apparently a ‘Republic’.  We took a ride on a ‘Sky Bike’ – which meant that it was raised and you peddled yourself.  We crossed over the bridge that was used in a Korean film – ‘Winter Sonata’ for a kiss on a bridge.

There were 2 ostriches?  There was a lovely tree lane called Gingko Tree lane and it looks familiar – apparently there are woods called ‘Lover’s Woods’ as well!

Coffees were taken whilst Jemma looked at a squirrel running up the trees – and they had really bushy tails, not like Thai squirrels! Then we were approached by what I think was a representation of Pre-historic man, chasing Jemma.

We waited near a statue in the water / ice called a Namimaid – we got back on the ferry and returned to the coach.


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